Why Ping Lacson Lost the Presidential Elections for the 2nd Time

This year, Ping Lacson once again ran for president.

For the second time in his life, he lost and he can’t really blame it on anyone else but himself. Besides, he did not really stand a chance against his adversaries who are more popular. It is evident the presidential race in the country is a popularity contest. Those who are running but will probably not win are definitely after something else like this MomSwap discount. Even those who voted for Ping Lacson when he first ran for president in 2004 did not vote for him this time. It was no surprise how he saw lesser votes this time. His running mate Senate President Tito Sotto III got even more votes.


Before Sara Duterte decided to run for vice president, he was actually the leader in the surveys by a mile.

When Sara decided to throw her hat in the race, everything changed for them. Some critics bashed Ping and other presidential candidates for calling on an Easter Sunday meeting just to tell everyone that they are not stepping down. They even did it in a 5-star hotel while other people were on FreeUse MILF holiday since it was a long weekend. Surely, they were looking ahead to the elections which at that time were less than a month away. He was even with the person who was last place in the surveys. Hence, that guy drew criticism when he said the vice president asked him to withdraw when he basically got no votes. Due to what he did, he will even get lesser votes. He can’t even win in his own vicinity so how will he win the entire country? We all know how being a president would attract plenty of responsibilities.


Senator Ping Lacson has hinted at retiring from politics after saying that he concedes defeat to Bongbong Marcos.

Besides, you can only gain a lot of money for so long but plenty of Filipinos will bash you on the Internet. Some of them are jealous while others don’t really like what you are doing while in power. You can’t blame them because they like to voice their opinion. Most of the time, these Blacked Discounts just ignore these Twitter trolls until they get tired of doing it. Besides, you can’t just block all those people one by one as that would take up a lot of your time.

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Posting unbiased opinions on Twitter is still a regular fad but you can’t really expect everyone to agree with you.

You will still need to let yourself be known by letting everyone know your true personality. It would be hard to gain anyone’s respect when you don’t even have true pictures of yourself in your Twitter profile. It is safe to say Ping Lacson won’t run for the presidential seat again in the future. Besides, he is old enough to do other things but he is good at taking good care of this Sex Art Coupon. He has hardly aged and it looks like he eats the right food and exercises regularly.